I’ve decided to try out something that I came across on the FR forums by another Flight Rising user named Tar. Apparently, thanks to the coliseum and being able to exalt dragons, you can actually do a practical nuzlocke.

What is Flight Rising? It’s a browser game dedicated to raising and breeding dragons. You can breed them to get thousands of different gene, color, and breed combinations. You can collect lots of items, including apparel to dress your dergs (cute nickname for dragons) up, familiars to bond with, and skins for added decoration. You can pit your dragons against either monsters or other players in the Coliseum. You can play mini-games in the Fairgrounds to earn lots of treasure and earn high scores. The biggest thing is the weekly dominance battle that can put the winning flight in a position where items are cheaper, you have more gathering turns each day, and get skill boosts in the Coliseum for that week. Sadly, it’s not open full-time for new registrations due to server overload (I’ve heard they are working to fix this ASAP) but so far, registration has been open for a few days every month since January 2016.

What is a nuzlocke? It started as a Pokémon concept that mainly involved catching the first Pokémon you encountered in any new area, nicknaming them, and them being regarded as dead if they ever fainted. It’s a real tear-jerking concept that kills people like me that get very attached to pixelated creatures.

Since Flight Rising has similar mechanics with exalting = death and the coliseum letting you battle, it’s perfect to enact the concept.

I’m going to hell on Monday, March 7, 2016. Will you join me?

Lyrics on the header are modified from Halsey’s song “Control”

Account is here.


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