Day 1

Welp, registered for my account. Here’s all that happened. Be ready to be swamped in screenshots!

1 - FR Nuzlocke registration

Filled this out…

2 - FR registration 2

Validated this…

3 - FR registration complete

And boom, registered~!

4 - FR flight selection

Now to pick my flight…

5 - FR flight selection 2

Which of course will be, as decreed by my rules…

6 - FR Plague flight selection


7 - FR plague flight confirmation

So I aligned…

8 - FR plague flight acceptance

Got accepted and received my goodies from my new deity…

9 - FR custom derg creation

And now I get to create my lovely custom progen derg, Safe!

11 - FR custom derg confirmation

Had two looks in mind for her, I’ll put both screenshots in the next post. This is the one I liked best.

12 - FR random derg Zone

Awwwww! Zone, I wanted you to be a Fae… *disappointed* Oh well…

13 - FR welcome to new lair

So now I have a lair…

14 - FR lair info

Where I can do stuff with my dergs~!

15 - FR naming Zone

Of course, I have to give Zone his name first because he comes as Unnamed…

16 - FR ready to breed

Since I have both a male and female, I can breed them!

17 - FR nesting ground info

So we’ll head over to the Nesting Grounds…

18 - FR breeding info

And get them to breed for hatchlings…

19 - FR empty nest

In the first of my starting two empty nests!

20 - FR pairing

So we’ll pair them together…

21 - FR breeding confirmation

Confirm that they will breed…

22 - FR first nest

And tadah! Now we have our first nest!

23 - FR nest 4 days left

So we’ll start the first incubation period today and in 5 more days, they will hatch. Yes, 5, not 4. Have to hatch nests the day AFTER the last incubation period.

24 - FR gathering info

Until then, we’ll gather items and cash using the gathering rounds we have and the Trading Post!

25 - FR first Pinkerton

Of course, that’s where Pinkerton is. Until the nest hatches and the hatchlings grow up, he can’t hurt us…but let’s see how he could, just as a test!

26 - FR first Pinkerton plant

That could’ve been worse. Phew!

So that was Day 1 of my Nuzlocke! Not terribly exciting since Safe and Zone are immune and the nest won’t hatch for 5 days, but all beginnings are slow. I’ll miss this in roughly 10 days when the Nuzlocke really kicks off. You’ll see…



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