Day 2

Since we got most of the intro stuff out of the way yesterday, this should contain less images and more text. Nothing really big today, methinks.

FR profile info

Checked out my profile. Nothing big or special. It’s pretty plain so far. That should change as the challenge progresses.

2 - AH info

Checked out the Auction House to get this intro info out of the way. If Pinkerton ever gives us a familiar, this is where we’ll go to grab or new derg.

2 - Day 1 scavenging

This is the Gathering screen, where you can scavenge/dig for items or search for food to feed your dergs. I’ve just been scavenging so far. The above is from Day 1…

2 - scavenging

And this is from today. The more gathering you do, the higher your levels get and the better items/food you can find for your clan. Searching mainly in Wind territory since their holiday is this month.

Yes, I said holiday. At the end of each month, a flight has a holiday. Plague’s holiday is in October. March’s holiday is for Wind flight. You can get cool items from the Festive Favors holiday shop that only opens that week, the last week of every month. They’ll only take special holiday items that you can find that week if you hunt/gather/scavenge in the celebrating flight’s territory.

2 - festive favors

This won’t open until March 27th, I think. It’ll only last for that week and then close up shop until the next holiday. All eleven flights have a holiday, so this opens each month until December. December has no holiday so this shop won’t open then.

2 - 3 periods left

Went and incubated Safe and Zone’s eggs today. You can only do it once a day. Three more incubation periods left, four more days until the eggs can be hatched.

2 - Pinkerton

Should we see what Pinkerton could’ve done with us today?

2 - ouch


I’m keeping tally of what items Pinkerton has given me so far because I’m considering a few things. Until the eggs hatch and then mature into adults, this challenge will be pretty boring. We have roughly nine days before anything interesting happens. So, I’m thinking two things out as maybe solutions to this.

ONE: Keep tally of the items and then put them into effect once the hatchlings are adults and can go into the Coliseum. I doubt I’ll drop these all at once on those poor little guys but I’ll add each item to that day’s Pinkerton drop. So for the first ten or so days of their adult lives, they’ll be doing up to twice as much work as they normally would.

TWO: Put them into effect as a test against Safe and Zone. They’ll be immune so they can’t die since they’re my only breeding pair but this will help me see how the Coliseum works.

What do you think I should do?


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