Day 3

Onto day 3! Still nothing overly interesting but hey, we’re getting there!

1 - 3 day nest

Incubated Safe and Zone’s nest, of course. Three more days until we have hatchlings. Good thing my progens have a 15-day breeding cool-down, won’t take long after the hatchlings grow up for me to get another nest.

2 - Crim

Something funny that happened while I was answering Tomo’s daily questions for cash.

Trust me, every bit of treasure will count. This is one of the things I plan to do everyday in order to wrack in the treasure. Expect to see my treasure amount jump drastically on weekends when I have the time to sit on my butt and grind the 75,000 treasure Lucky Streak in the Fairgrounds. That’ll be worth it, hopefully.

So yeah, the evil derg who basically has my clan’s lives in his paws has a sister, Crim. She’s also at the Trading Post with Pinkerton and Tomo (along with Swipp and Baldwin, I suggest visiting them all for various services if you have the cash and/or time). Crim will buy things from you if they’re on her hourly list.

2 - Pinkerton

Let’s see how Pinkerton could’ve hurt us today, shall we?

3 - Pinkerton drop

Ooh, a material! That’s new! I get to do some writing!

Decided I’m putting all of Pinkerton’s “drops of fate” in my Vault, which I’ll get to in a moment. That way I have both a screenshot record, a written record, and a physical record of all the things Pinkerton has given me. Keeping the list of items he has given me so far on the sidebar to the left so I’ll remember when the challenge actually starts.

Decided that any Coliseum and DEATH STREAK items will be put into effect once the hatchlings become adults. Everything else will come into effect when I get them. This material, which makes me write about the Nuzlocke, will come into effect today. Food and Battle Stones that Pinkerton gives me in the next eight days will be listed off on the sidebar so I don’t forget them.

4 - scavenging

I scavenged more today in Wind territory. I’m good on food until I get more dergs.

5 - Hoard info 1

6 - Hoard info 2

The Hoard is where all of your items go. You can convert your food into food points here so that you can feed your dergs, you can automatically sell items for a set price to make quick cash, access apparel and skins you may have, and store anything you deem valuable into the Vault to avoid accidentally selling or losing it.

7 - Vault info

The Vault is where I’ll be storing all Pinkerton drops as a physical record. No exceptions.

8 - expanding lair

All starting lairs have enough room for ten dragons in them. You can expand your lair for treasure. The amount you have to pay increases with the more room you make in your lair. When you upgrade your lair, you get five more lair slots each time.

9 - expanding lair cost

The first few upgrades are really cheap, so why not upgrade once right now. Hey, wait. Why is the price green? That only happens when…

10 - dominance

Talk about my lucky week. I just join Plague flight and this week, Plague is second place on the dominance board. That means our flight gets perks, like cheaper prices for stuff like lair upgrades! Sweet!

11 - corner cash

Well, I certainly have more than enough to get that upgrade. Let’s go for it!

12 - lair expanded

And…the Plaguebringer is female? I thought they were male. You learn something new everyday.

13 - space for 15 dergs

And tadah! I now have room for fifteen dergs in my lair! When the nest hatches, I’ll have 1/3 of my lair full, so this is good thinking, in my opinion.

So, due to the material Pinkerton drop, I’m off to write another chunk of the story for this. Stay tuned!


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