Day 4

Another uneventful day until the nest hatches.

1 - 2 days left

I keep forgetting that there’s a pretty good chance that not all three hatchlings will live. I’m not sure what I’ll do if, for some reason, all three die when I hatch them. Maybe I’ll pull the BS card and purchase the three cheapest hatchlings in the Auction House, like if Pinkerton had dropped a familiar for me. This challenge is already delayed as is thanks to the nest and me trying to keep my breeding pair alive for the first month of this challenge…

2 - Pinkerton drop

Speaking of Pinkerton, look what he gave me today! 30-40 battles for the hatchlings! Yay?

3 - scavenging

I’m leveling up really fast in Scavenging. Nothing overly exciting in my hoard yet, though. Maybe in the future when I start finding unhatched eggs…

So I was checking out Safe and Zone…and I noticed something off. Compared to the screenshots I took of them on Day 1, their lengths and weights have significantly lowered. Don’t believe me? Go look.

4 - Safe size change

5 - Zone size change

Unless this is some kind of glitch, I’m suspecting that on Day 1, they’ll give you the full length and weight of your derg and then revert that to basics since they’re so young from then on? Just an idea I’ve got. Either way, it’s pretty weird in my opinion.

So, started posting the story bits to a forum on Flight Rising to. Not the daily updates or anything like this but the chunks of story that material drops from Pinkerton require, as well as extra bits, like the plague intro that I wrote on Day 1. You can read those here.

So yeah, that’s all for today. Getting closer to the nest hatching. Yay~!


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