Day 5

Another rather uneventful day in my Nuzlocke. I may ramp it up now that spring break is here and I’m at home with a stable internet connection and lots of free time. Thinking I may toss Safe and Zone through the Coliseum for those food items listed on the sidebar there. Tempted…

1 - eggs hatch tomorrow

Eggs hatch tomorrow. We’ll get to see who lives and who dies. If all the hatchlings die, I’ll scrounge up the cash in the Fairgrounds to purchase the three cheapest hatchlings. That’s my plan so far.

2 - scavenging

Decided to joint scavenge and go hunting for meat, since both of my current dergs are carnivorous. I had 25 meat points left (forgot to screenshot it before I converted, sorry).

4 - converting food

To convert any food you gather into food points to feed your dergs with, you need to go to your Hoard to convert them into said food points. Click the checkmark by any food items you want to convert (or just click the big checkmark in the bottom left of the screen to select everything) and click Convert.

5 - food converted

And there, now you have food points to feed your dergs with. Try not to let these run out or you won’t be able to feed your dergs. Food preferences can be found if you hover over your derg in the Dragon Lair. Safe and Zone are mainly carnivorous, so they eat meat.

6 - food stores

This is my current food stores from today plus the 25 meat points I had before I converted the food I gathered into food points. You’ll see this under the site banner at the top of the page.

3 - drop of fate

Ouch! Pinkerton, you are seriously letting me have it here! This Coliseum grind fest should be fun when I get to it. *sarcasm*

7 - lair expansion

May as well take advantage of the Dominance perks I have this week. Since I have enough cash again, how about we make the lair bigger? You can never have too much space early on while the price is low.

8 - corner info cash

Yep, got enough. Let’s get Plaguebringer mama to give me more lair room!

9 - expansion accepted

Yes, there we go. Now my lair can hold 20 dergs.

10 - two pages

You can only have 15 dergs per page, so now I have a second page to my lair. Sweet!

11 - Safe growing

12 - Zone growing

On another note, I’m thinking my theory about the changing size is legit. Safe and Zone are both bigger than they were yesterday. Hoping this isn’t a glitch…

And that’s it for today. Still tempted about the Coliseum thing, if only to test the system out myself.

Since the nest hatches tomorrow, I’ve decided to have a little game going about what the hatchlings may look like. Next post will be the Foresee Progeny game!


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