Foresee Progeny 1

So, when you first decide to breed two dragons, you can preview what their hatchlings may look like. Of course, that’s only at the breed screen.

But if you want to see possible progeny for any two dragons, you can head to the Library on the sidebar of Flight Rising and click on Scrying Workshop. Click on the Foresee Progeny button and you’ll end up on this screen:

foresee progeny

Enter the ID numbers of the dragons (under their name in their profiles in the lair) you want to preview hatchlings from and tadah! You’ll get four possible hatchlings per preview. You’re not guaranteed to get these hatchlings in your nest but you possibly could.

(Yes, I’m aware that the above picture has the same ID in both boxes. Don’t do that. That was my mistake, though the result was pretty funny, in my opinion.)

So I’ve done 10 previews for Safe and Zone’s first nest. There’s not much variety in colors since both of my dergs are in the red spectrum of color. Really wish I had more variety. Praying for a familiar drop from Pinkerton…or for all three hatchlings to die upon hatching…but more the former than the latter, please…

Anyways, here’s the 10 previews I did. There may be hatchling duplicates but oh well. They’re cool to look at, though moreso when you have different colored parents. I just got unlucky with Zone’s coloring being so close to Safe’s.

progeny 1

progeny 2

progeny 3

progeny 4

progeny 5

progeny 6

progeny 7

progeny 8

progeny 9

progeny 10

After roughly 2:30AM tonight my time (Flight Rising’s clock is two hours behind my time), I’ll be able to hatch the nest. So we’ll get to see what hatchlings I have. If any are on this progeny list, that’d be cool (odds are likely higher due to color similarities).


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