Day 6

So today’s the big day! The nest hatches and we see who lives and who dies! The exemption rule is in effect due to the minimum requirement of 2-3 dergs so if the whole nest dies, I’ll get to purchase the three cheapest dergs at the Auction House to replace them. This should be the only time this rule will be used unless my whole lair dies and I have to start from scratch again.

1 - first egg scavenge

Oh…my…god… Scavenged egg? This early? Holy! Yes, free derg! Because this was scavenged, it’s counted as a free addition and is exempt from the coin toss rule that is used with hatchlings. Sweet, so I have one guaranteed addition!

2 - material drop

Material drop! I think we all know what I’ll be writing about today–the hatchlings~!

3 - unhatched wind egg info

I will hatch this egg right after I hatch Safe and Zone’s nest. I’m praying it’s a Fae…

4 - nest ready to hatch

Now, the moment we’ve waited all week for–to hatch this nest! First hatchlings, a-go!

5 - hatchlings

Two Guardians and a Mirror. Not bad for my first nest. So much red, though. Praying that Wind Egg has other colors in it…

6 - Fluen

This little guy will be Fluen. As in influenza virus, the flu. Yeah, decided this off the top of my head. Sue me.

omg please don’t sue me, I was kidding, omg

7 - Kanker

This little gal shall be Kanker. Dual meaning her. For one, cancer. For two, the trailer park sisters from the cartoon show Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Blame my brother for reminding me of them.

8 - Pox

And this guy shall be Pox. Like smallpox. Yeah, not overly creative but I was attempting to remember disease names off the top of my head for this first clutch.

9 - hatch wind egg

Now to hatch my free addition. At least this one will live. Please be Fae, please…

10 - new derg

…Okay… At least I’ll have variety in the secondary gene colors…

11 - Bola

My free derg shall be Bola…as in Ebola. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry.

12 - lair before coin flip

So here’s the lair for today. Thank you, folks, hope you enjoyed the nest hatching!

…Wait, I forgot something?

13 - coin flip start

Oh, this… No, I’m already so attached. They’re not even an hour old and I might be killing them. Curse you, nuzlocke!

Hatchling rule: Flip a coin for each hatchling. Heads, they live. Tails, they die.

14 - bye Fluen

Well, there goes Fluen. Sorry, buddy…

15 - bye Kanker

No, Kanker! I put so much thought into your name!

…What are the odds this is all tails? omg, no…

16 - bye Pox

O…M…G… Seriously??

Well, guess what, folks? I had hoped maybe the site glitched but when I flipped an extra time, it was heads. Nuzlocke dang it!

17 - exaltation

So, yeah, this gets to happen…to hatchlings not even an hour old yet…

18 - to exalt message

This message pops up if you click Exalt on your dergs profile screen. They’re all identical except the bolded bits, which change depending on derg name and what flight you’re in.

19 - exalt Fluen

20 - exalt Kanker

21 - exalt Pox

Well, that was heartbreaking…

22 - lair after coin flip

My lair looks so empty now. Holy…

23 - after selling Hoard stuff

I’ve gone and sold everything in my Hoard. All Pinkerton drops are in Vault so I still have those. Now to use this cash to purchase the three cheapest dergs in the Auction House since, against all odds, all three of Safe and Zone’s hatchlings died.

ADDITIONAL EXEMPTION RULE: If the cheapest are all from the same person or nest, go for next cheapest. These three are to be unrelated purchases.

24 - Auction House settings

So go into the Auction House, select Dragons, put in my price range on the sidebar to avoid gem dergs, and then hit Price and Ascending. This will give me the cheapest dergs at the front.

Here we go.

25 - hatchling purchase 1

26 - purchased

Derg 1 purchased, got two siblings with him so I’ll skip them for the next unrelated derg down…



Derg 2 had a sibling, so skipping them too for next unrelated derg down…



And there we are, derg 3 purchased!

31 - Pizzicato

Derg 1 be Pizzicato, pre-named, from FR user Foxofwonders. My first Tundra too. Love his genes, better than just having Basic dergs in my lair.

32 - Malihini

Derg 2 is Malihini, pre-named, from FR user Nathlene. Another Basic derg and a Mirror too. Another in the red color spectrum but she looks very pretty regardless.

33 - Winse

And derg 3 is an unnamed hatchling from FR user kwabbit. I decided to name him Winse, an anagram of swine…from swine flu. Yeah… Mostly Basic and a Guardian but I like the look of that secondary gene on him.

34 - current lair

So this is my lair as it ends off today, six dergs total. All of the hatchlings are under a day old, so my countdown on the side still applies. In six days, they’ll be able to go into the Coliseum, where the fight for their lives begins.

This post took all day to do today due to my schedule. I did these events this morning close to noon, cropped the photos around three, drafted half of this post at seven, and only now get to post it here. What a hectic day…

Next up will be a post dedicated to the fallen and a post for the four new dergs in my clan. Then I’ll write out the story chunk that Pinkerton’s drop fated me with.

This should be fun… sigh


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