Day 7

Another day after the awful one that yesterday was. We have at least 9 days until Safe and Zone can breed again. Maybe they’ll have better luck with the next nest.

1 - scavenging

Got plenty of food so back to scavenging. No eggs this time, though.

2 - familiar drop

Ooh! Familiar! I get a free dragon now!

Pinkerton, why do you have a wolf in your plundered pile of evil? I think you should get that checked out. You might be infested…

3 - random number generator

…after I see which breed the random number generator gives me. Refer to the Rules for those numbers.

4 - number 13

13. That’s Skydancer. Whoo, new breed!

5 - AH settings

Here’s my AH settings–cheapest treasure Skydancer derg in AH is the one I get.

6 - purchase

7 - done

8 - Lymph

So this is the little guy I ended up with. An unnamed fully gened baby boy from FR user Shelelle. I’ve named him Lymph, after lymphoma. I really love this look of this guy! And since he was purchased due to a familiar drop…

9 - attaching familiar

We’re attaching said familiar to him, as per the optional familiar drop rule. I just really like that one, so I’m implementing it, if I haven’t said that already.

10 - attached

Now I can bond with it once each day to get cash! Sweet!

Took this screenshot post-bond because I forgot to screenshot it pre-bond. Sorry.

11 - familiar bonding

As the bar gets filled, you get a chest at the end of each bonding stage. We start at Wary and it’ll end at Awakened, which I believe can take about two months to get to if you bond each day. We’ll see how long this takes…

12 - lair currently

So here’s my lair as of today. Lymph is just a few hours younger than my other four so they’ll all grow up on the same day, in roughly five days. So we have the potential for three of these five to go into the Coliseum and fight for their lives in that time.

Gonna leave these current Coliseum Pinkerton drops (found listed on the sidebar to the left) until after the hatchlings grow up. I’ll implement one in addition to whatever drop they get that day. So for the first few days of their struggle, they’ll be potentially pulling double duty. Hopefully that doesn’t kill them in the process.


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