Scavenged egg and new additions

The newest additions to the lair in the wake of the deaths in Safe and Zone’s first nest. Starting off with the miracle that is finding a scavenged Wind Egg while gathering.

11 - Bola

Due to the deaths of the first three hatchling, the exemption rule was put into effect to allow me to replace them so that the nuzlocke could indeed begin in the Coliseum in 6 days. These three, the cheapest and most unrelated, were purchased for under 5000 treasure each.

31 - Pizzicato

Pre-named, first Tundra, first to not be purely Basic gened.

32 - Malihini

Another Mirror, pre-named, all Basic, but very pretty coloring.

33 - Winse

Another Guardian, partially gened, unnamed when I purchased him. Named him an anagram of swine for swine flu.

Their fight against death begins six days from now…


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