Day 8

More uneventful than usual, this day is.

1 - scavenging

Spent the day scavenging again. Nothing major dropped for me.

2 - plant drop

Another 10-20 battles in the Coliseum once the hatchlings grow up.

3 - gems in corner profile

You can get treasure in a number of ways–selling stuff, grinding for it in the Fairgrounds, answering Tomo’s daily questions in the Trading Post, etc. Getting gems involves a trick. Try to keep your dergs’ overall health/hunger (the rainbow bar that say 100% in the screenshot above) over 80% for three days. After that, if you can maintain it, you’ll get one free gem a day along with some treasure. Gems can be useful to buy dergs and items, both from the Auction House and from the Marketplace.

You can also get both gems and treasure from the chests you get when you bond with any familiars you have once a day, when the bar fills up all the way at each trust level. Take the Winter Wolf that Lymph has currently. I need two more bonds, thus two more days, before I get a chest since the Wary trust level requires four bonds, or four days. These levels increase as you climb trust levels with said familiar. The deeper your bond is, the better chests you get. You start with getting Rusty Chests and when you hit the Awakened level, you’ll get a Gilded Chest.

11 - profile page

This is my profile page on my FR account. It contains the links to both the FR forum I made to keep track of written story pieces and the link to this blog. Feel free to check those out.

Looks like the achievements are still messed up. I somehow earned 50,000 treasure before I earned 20,000 treasure. What? lol

Now I’m off to do my weekly report on my progress. Unless you want a review on what’s happened this week, feel free to skip that. Your choice.


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