Weekle Report 1

Decided to do this each Monday after doing that day’s events post for the challenge. Unless you want a review on what’s happened this week, feel free to skip this. Your choice.

4 - Safe growth

5 - Zone growth

We started out with our progen dergs, Safe and Zone. They had a nest right away and have grown quite a bit since meeting each other. They are currently immune to the plague due to their status as the clan’s only breeders. They have 8 days left until they can have another nest.

15 - exalted Fluen

16 - exalted Kanker

17 - exalted Pox

Two days ago, Safe and Zone’s first nest hatched into these three. Sadly, fate dictated them to die on the nest less than an hour after hatching. They were the challenge’s first casualties. Their graves are placed outside of the lair. They shall not be forgotten.

6 - Bola growth

In the wake of the deaths of his hatchlings, Zone traveled to Wind territory to drown his sorrows in scavenging. He came across a Wind Egg that he contemplated destroying before coming back to his senses. That egg hatched into this little derg, who Safe currently treats as a daughter due to their similar primary gene colors.

7 - Pizzicato growth

8 - Malihini growth

9 - Winse growth

That same day, on his way back from scavenging in Wind territory, he found these three hatchlings alone in the Wandering Contagion. He brought them home with him and Safe adopted them into the clan. Pizzicato and Malihini recall the names their parents gave them. Zone named Winse.

10 - Lymph growth

Yesterday, Zone came across another hatchling alone in the Wandering Contagion. This one was guarded by a Winter Wolf. After a bit of coaxing, Zone brought both home to be adopted into the clan. This bit is currently unwritten in the story.

14 - lair

This is how my clan looks currently. Seven dragons, twenty lair spots, eight days total. Not a bad beginning despite the loss of my first nest.

12 - Vault food - drops of fate

13 - Vault materials - drops of fate

These were the drops Pinkerton gave me this week, along with the Winter Wolf that Lymph currently has attached to him. These items will remain in the vault throughout the challenge as a record.

There are roughly four days until I can send the hatchlings into the Coliseum. Currently, the first five days in the Coliseum will be doubled duty because of the five food drops I currently have from Pinkerton being added to whatever drops I get on those first five days. We won’t know for sure until then.

And that is the primary gist of what has happened this week in my Nuzlocke Challenge.


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