Day 9

Three more days until we get some Coliseum action! Really resisting the urge to throw Safe and Zone into the Coliseum to test it…


1 - scavenging

Another day of scavenging. Still no cool stuff to be found. Oh well..2 - material drop.

Material drop! Guess now I get to write about how Lymph and his familiar came to be in my clan.

3 - corner info

Six days since I started earning gems. I feed my dergs first thing when I log onto Flight Rising so I can keep them above 80%. The percentage doesn’t got down much overnight and even a day or two can still keep you above 80%. I just feed them each day because hey, I’d like to be fed each day if I might risk being dead.

Plus, in order to participate in the Coliseum, your dergs need to be over 80% or they can’t go in. That’d be bad, considering this challenge I’m doing. Yeah…

Getting treasure is easy for me. As I said earlier, the gems come with a bit of money each day as long as you keep your dergs over 80% for three days. I also head to the Fairgrounds and play the card game Higher or Lower. It’s fast, gives you 65 treasure per correct guess, and refreshes each hour so you’ve got plenty of chances to get treasure there. I also go to the Trading Post and answer Tomo’s questions. Each right answer is 300 treasure each, though I’d suggest skimming the FR Encyclopedia to get the gist of most of the answers. You can only answer her questions once a day but she can give you way more treasure in one session than Higher and Lower can.

If you have familiars attached to your dergs, DON’T FORGET TO BOND WITH THEM DAILY FOR TREASURE AND CHESTS! I’m currently only getting 15 treasure from Lymph’s Winter Wolf but that amount grows with each level of trust you hit. I believe I will be getting a Rusty Chest from Lymph’s familiar tomorrow. It won’t be a lot but I’m not complaining.

Now I’m off to write a quick story entry for Lymph and his familiar. See you!




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