Day 10

Another boring day. Things will get exciting on Friday when the hatchlings grow up and we can head into the Coliseum for the Nuzlocke’s true beginning. Just hang in there until then, okay?

2 - scavenging

Spent the day scavenging again. Still nothing cool. Oh well…

1 - plant food drop

Plant food drop from Pinkerton. Another 10-20 battles in the Coliseum. At least he’s being relatively merciful with his drops.

Haven’t decided if I’ll be doing the minimum requirement of battles, the maximum requirement, or somewhere in between. I’ll figure that out when I get into the Coliseum and test out how this battling will work for me.

3 - chest tomorrow

Lymph’s familiar will be giving me a Rusty Chest tomorrow since the bar is filled up! Yay!

Likely gonna do a post involving the leaders of Flight Rising’s flights because I bet that is confusing for anyone not reading the FR Encyclopedia, particularly the Lorebook that explains how the flights came to be and such. It’s rather interesting, really. But that’ll be for another day.


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