Day 11

Another boring day, but it is the last for (hopefully) a while. Because tonight is rollover night, where 5 day old hatchlings become 6 day old adults. That means tomorrow will be the start of the challenge!

2 - scavenging

Scavenging again today. No exciting finds. 11 days and I’m almost to Level 10 in Scavenging. Wow.

3 - material drop

Material drop. Guess I’m doing more writing today. Probably about the hatchlings growing up so quickly. Adults at 6 days old, holy.

1 - chest

So here is my first chest for bonding with Lymph’s familiar!

11 - Rusted Chest

So it’s Rusted, not Rusty. My bad. Close enough, though.

12 - opening chest

Since it’s a Rusted Chest, I’m not expecting anything good. Those will come with the Iron and Gilded Chests. I’m a good ways off from earning those, though.

13 - chest items

Treasure is a given in chests, you’ll always find that. Like I said, nothing overly cool–some Materials and Trinkets.

4 - Bola 5 days old

5 - Pizzicato 5 days old

6 - Malihini 5 days old

7 - Winse 5 days old

Look at how big these guys have grown since we got them! Bola almost doubled in size and Winse gained nearly 5M on him! Holy Plaguebringer! He’s already bigger than Safe is!

Of course, tonight is rollover. In FR, when hatchlings turn 6 days old, their hatchling sprites become their adult sprites and they’re officially adults. That means the Nuzlocke will begin for real and I can send three of these four dergs into the Coliseum to take on monsters, risking life and limb for glory.

8 - Lymph 4 days old

Unfortunately, looks like Lymph won’t grow up until Saturday. Oh well, he gets an extra day of safety.

9 - current clan with hatchlings

Last screenshot of my clan with its hatchlings in it. Tomorrow, most of them will be adults on the chopping block. Poor babies…

10 - Zone art glitch

Also, funny glitch I found regarding Zone’s artwork. Buddy, why you be stepping on your tail with your claws? lol


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