Day 12 part 1

The day has come! The hatchlings are all grown up, so now they can enter the Coliseum and face the dangers of the Nuzlocke in person!

1 - rollover

I guess I messed up my rollover estimates because Lymph is also grown up now. So I have 5 dergs to select from rather than four. Oh dear…

2 - rollover Safe

3 - rollover Zone

Just to compare the hatchlings against their adoptive parents, I’ve screenshot all my dergs for you. Probably should have done this yesterday with Safe and Zone but I didn’t. Oh well. Safe had been just under 5M and Zone had been just over 10M. They grow up way too fast overnight, geez!

4 - rollover Bola

5 - rollover Pizzicato

6 - rollover Malihini

7 - rollover Winse

8 - rollover Lymph

Don’t they look so grown up now with their adult species art in place? Just to let you know, the adult art is different between genders. I’m just lucky to have two male Guardians and three female Mirrors at the same time. I’m sure you’ll see the difference as we get more dergs.

9 - scavenging

Scavenged for the day. Still no interesting drops from Wind territory. So much for the Windsinger favoring me…

10 - Pinkerton drops early 1

11 - Pinkerton drops early 2

These are the drops I got from Pinkerton for the past 11 days when the challenge was on hold to wait for hatchlings to hatch and grow up. The ones with *DONE* are, obviously, complete and have no effect in the Coliseum.

12 - coliseum battle drops

Taking those out, this is what we have left. Each day, one of these will be implemented alongside whatever drops Pinkerton gives me that day. I will go down this list until these are completed and then we’ll be back on a normal Coliseum Nuzlocke schedule, roughly. So, for today, I’ll have to add 10-20 Coliseum battles to whatever “drop of fate” I receive today.

13 - corner cash

But before we jump to that, how about we do something else exciting?

14 - lair expansion

Like expanding the lair again, since I have the treasure for it.

15 - lair expanded

Now I can have up to 25 dergs in my lair! Yay!

Okay, now back to Pinkerton. Let’s see what he gives me today.

16 - really Pinkerton really

…I don’t want to play anymore…


Great… That’s 10 consecutive battles on top of the 10-20 non-consecutive battles that I already need to do. Thanks, Pinkerton, you’re a real pal. *sarcasm*

17 - Coliseum selection

Back to our good old friend, the Random Number Generator! Since we have five dergs to pick from (Safe and Zone are immune due to breeding pair status), the max number is five. I will generate three separate numbers, ignoring any repeats. The numbers correspond in order with the hatchlings in my lair.

  • 1 is Bola
  • 2 is Pizzicato
  • 3 is Malihini
  • 4 is Winse
  • 5 is Lymph

Whoever this party of three is will be in for trouble. Not only do they have to survive the 10-20 battles that the Blue Jelly plant food drop gave them, they also need to live through 10 back-to-back battles afterward from the Discipline battle stone drop. That’s at least 30 battles, maximum.

18 - Malihini selected

First is Malihini. Oh dear…

19 - Bola selected

PINKERTON! WHY?! Why must you insist on possibly breaking Safe’s heart? Poor Bola! Oh god, I hope she doesn’t die! Plaguebringer, help me! *cries*

20 - Winse selected

Awwww! Winse, no!

Well, that’s the party for the Coliseum today–Malihini, Bola, and Winse. This is gonna be sad. I need a few minutes to recover from this before I dare start.

I’m going to put Coliseum battles in a separate post to avoid making this one really long and cluttered with screenshots from those battles. God, the meat drop ones are going to kill me…

Stay tuned for what happens next. Who will live? Who will die? How badly will I cry? Time will tell…

gdi, Pinkerton, gdi


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