Day 12 part 2

Coliseum time! God, this took forever to do, way longer since I’ve got to screenshot and crop everything.

These battles come from Day 1 when Pinkerton dropped this for me:

26 - FR first Pinkerton plant

That’s 10-20 battles in the Coliseum. This post will contain images and info ONLY from these battles. The DEATH STREAK battles will be in the next post.

1 - Malihini party screen

2 - Bola party screen

3 - Winse party screen

Well, here’s the party. Selected via random number generator. Poor guys…

5 - monster battle

These Coliseum battles will be monster battles, as in against randomly generated enemies in a selected arena based on level. I’m not fighting other FR users. They’d probably wreck me, plus it’s not Nuzlocke that way.

4 - Foxofwonders is here

Ooh, look who’s number one on the leader board. Pizzicato, it’s the clan you came from! Hi, Foxofwonders! Your baby is still safe! ..At least for today…

6 - Training Field

Since all of my dergs are Level 1, I will be going to Training Fields so that I don’t die as easily. I will be in this arena for the day. I cannot switch arenas until tomorrow. This means both these battles and the DEATH STREAK battles will be in Training Fields.

I was originally going to put all the screenshots of the battles here–one of which enemies I face each battle and then one of the victory screen to show I won–but I’m thinking against that. This took forever and this was just 20 battles. I shudder to think that 50 from a meat drop will do to me…

I have all of those screenshots and will post them if people want to see further proof of these battles. I will post the level-up screens for my dergs and list which battles they happened after, along with any other relevant info.

12 - Malihini level 2

13 - Bola level 2

14 - Winse level 2

Malihini, Bola, and Winse grew to Level 3 after the third battle. I didn’t receive damage until the second battle.

Malihini level 3

Bola level 3

Winse level 3

Malihini, Bola, and Winse grew to Level 3 after the seventh battle. I struggled against Webwings and Mice but overall, it was rather easy. I didn’t fall below 50% health. The Moths were easy since they spent half their turns “fluttering in the breeze”, essentially a freebie turn. Yay!

Malihini level 4

Bola level 4

Winse level 4

Malihini, Bola, and Winse grew to Level 4 after the twentieth battle. Since I have a DEATH STREAK to combat next, I decided to do the maximum amount for the drop and go for twenty battles. The victory chain EXP boost really helped there.

I put most of their stats into Strength, Agility, Vitality, Defense, and Mind. This will hopefully make them hard hitters with physical attack, tanky against both physical and magic attacks, and have high health. That’s the plan, anyways. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

Got plenty of food and materials to drop after beating my opponents. I think I also got two battle stones, which I can start equipping to my dergs when they hit the required levels for them. I’ll look into that later.

Nobody died this time. Of course, I had the option to leave the arena between battles to regenerate health. I don’t get that option with the DEATH STREAK. I’m praying nobody dies there…

As I said, I do have the screenshots of the battles if anyone wants to see them. Just ask.


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