Growing Up So Fast

(Sorry that this is late, got caught up in business junk)

Winse laughed, rolling onto his back, lifting Lymph up with his large forepaws. The Skydancer hatchling squawked, wings flailing in joy. Bola, Pizzicato, and Malihini watched from the sidelines with the Winter Wolf, cheering the grey Guardian on.

Zone and Safe watched from near the empty nest that bubbled and hissed green goo. Five more days until they could try again. Maybe they’d get lucky this time. Maybe the plague wouldn’t kill the next clutch…

“They’re getting so big,” Zone chuckled.

Winse had grown enormously in the five days since he, Pizzicato, and Malihini had been discovered in the Wandering Contagion. He towered over his adoptive siblings by over four meters. He was even bigger than Safe was! Any bigger and he certainly couldn’t be called a hatchling anymore. He was quickly catching up to Zone’s size of ten meters.

The rest of the hatchlings’ growth rates were less. Bola had jumped about two meters while the others were roughly a meter bigger than they were five days ago. It was less noticeable than Winse’s growth but it was still impressive, considering they were only five days old.

Safe smiled softly, watching her adopted hatchlings play. “Tomorrow, they’ll be grown.”

“At least I won’t have to scavenge alone anymore. Now that they’ll be old enough to fend for themselves, they can help me out when we go gathering,” Zone said.

“Is that safe?”

“Well, I can’t very well gather food and treasure for all of us by my lonesome forever, can I?”

“…I guess you’re right.”

Zone nuzzled his smaller mate’s shoulder affectionately. She was over five meters shorter than him, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The tomato-red Guardian didn’t mind being the biggest dragon in the lair. It just meant he got all the attention and company he could want when the chilly night air came in.

Tomorrow was going to be a glorious day. Lymph would need another day to mature to adulthood but the others… They were ready. Winse was born ready. Zone could just tell.

Things were looking up for them. If only it would stay that way forever…


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