Day 12 part 3

Time for the DEATH STREAK battles. This is a consecutive set of 10 battles where I am not allowed to run or return to the main menu until I either complete 10 battles or a derg dies. These stem from this item that Pinkerton dropped for us today:

16 - really Pinkerton really

Thanks, Pinkerton, thanks.  *sarcasm*

Unlike today’s set of Coliseum battles, I will be posting the screenshots for this since they’re just ten battles. Here they are, battle by battle.

Battle 1

battle 1

battle 1 win

Battle 2

battle 2

battle 2 win

Battle 3

Confession time! I forgot to screenshot the beginning of this battle, likely because I got too excited to get this bit of the challenge done. I do, however, have screenshots of my opponents and one of a battle I had against a Sparrowmouse during my previous run through the Coliseum for Day 1’s food drop.

Yellow-Throated Sparrowmouse from battle 3

This is from my twelfth battle for the Blue Jelly drop earlier. It was the only other time I ran into a Sparrowmouse in the Training Fields. Here are color photos of both that I screenshot in the Auction House because, unless you have them as familiars (which I do not), the Bestiary only contains black and white photos of them.

sparrowmouse 1

Yellow-Throated Sparrowmouse

sparrowmouse 2

Dark-Tufted Sparrowmouse

battle 3 win

Battle 4

battle 4

battle 4 win

Battle 5

battle 5

battle 5 win

Battle 6

battle 6

battle 6 win

Battle 7

battle 7

battle 7 win

Battle 8

battle 8

battle 8 win

Battle 9

battle 9

battle 9 win

Battle 10

battle 10

battle 10 win


None of my dergs died today. Thank god. I was so scared of these DEATH STREAK matches. I likely got lucky due to

  • putting all my stats in Attack and Defense to both buffer against damage and dish it out
  • this being Training Fields, newbie Coliseum arena, not overly difficult
  • not running into a bunch of Sparrowmice, those things hit me hard in that third fight

Overall, I got incredibly lucky today. Got three Level 4 dergs and no deaths so far. Scored a bunch of cool loot and food to get me by for a while.

This day was way too long and tomorrow will only be longer. Day 2 meat food drop.

Pinkerton, don’t give me a meat drop tomorrow. I don’t want to do 100 battles…


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