Day 13 part 1

Yet another day to head into the Coliseum and try to live. Let’s jump to all the boring stuff first, though.

1 - scavenging

Scavenging was boring, nothing cool. Windsinger, you’re failing me and your holiday week starts tomorrow. Show me some love, please?

2 - familiar drop


3 - corner cash after hoard selling

Sold everything in my hoard so I have enough treasure to purchase the new derg. I might also be able to browse in gems now since I have 10, which some dergs go for in the Auction House. Now to see what the Random Number Generator gives me for a breed…

3-4 - familiar purchase generated Spiral

Ooh, Spiral! New derg breed!

4 - Auction house settings

My Auction House settings: Ascending Price listing. Won’t put in a price bracket so I can see what gem dergs there are. Ooh, lowest is 8 gems! I can do that!

5 - purchase

6 - complete

Thus little baby Leth from Klfette’s lair is mine. Welcome to the Nuzlocke, baby!

7 - lair

My lair is slowly growing. Let’s hope the Coliseum doesn’t make it shrink today…

8 - Leth and Deadwood Boar

Attached the Deadwood Boar to her and left her name alone because that’s my choice. Very pretty derg, love her genes. Gonna be so sad if she dies. *sad face*

Now to see who all goes into the Coliseum today! It’s a meat drop, so 40-50 battles today. Ugh…

9 - Bola selected

God, Bola, you are so unlucky. Please don’t die and break mama Safe’s heart!

10 - Malihini selected

Malihini again? If we get the same party as yesterday, I might stand a chance!

11 - Pizzicato selected

And nope, Winse is replaced with Pizzicato. Poor baby.

12 - Pizzicato party screen

This shouldn’t be too–

13 - Woodland Path venue

Oh gdi! My overtraining yesterday for the DEATH STREAK screwed me! Now I have to go to Woodland Path because Bola and Malihini are both Level 4 while Pizzicato is Level 1. gdi

At least it isn’t Scorched Forest. I’ve heard horrible things about bringing under-leveled dergs in there. That place might be where most of my dergs bite the dust…

Well, that’s it for boring stuff today. I’ll rest a bit and then jump to the Coliseum battles. Might not screenshot every battle because frankly, that’s a lot of unused data. Might just screenshot important points in battle (death) and level-up screens. We’ll see.


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