Day 13 part 2

Well, just got done doing the Coliseum after being busy and putting it off for a while. I wish I would’ve put it off longer, now knowing the results.

I’m to do 40-50 battles today due to Pinkerton dropping this on me on Day 2:

2 - ouch

I’ve decided I don’t like doing 40-50 battles. I don’t like hard mode since, thanks to DEATH STREAK yesterday, I had to move to Woodland Path today to train since Bola and Malihini were Level 4. Training Fields is for Level 1-3. I might alter my rule set to medium mode but I’ll leave it be for now since this was DEATH STREAK aftermath. I would’ve been able to stay in Training Fields today if not for DEATH STREAK yesterday boosting me to Level 4.

Anyway, onto the battles!

Battle 1

battle 1

battle 1 Pizzicato dead no

Yeah, this happened. Right when I started fighting, I knew just from how much damage these Chargers were dealing that Pizzicato wasn’t going to make it.

battle 1 win

I did win the battle…but lost my first derg to the Coliseum. gdi

b1 goodbye Pizzicato 1

b1 goodbye Pizzicato 2

b1 goodbye Pizzicato 3

Goodbye, Pizzicato. I’m sorry that you had to die so young, so early in the challenge.

b1 goodbye Pizzicato 4

My lair looks less bright without his orange, white, and yellow…

b1 goodbye Pizzicato 5

Now today’s party is down to two. I decide to forge ahead through Woodland Path and pray I somehow attain victory.

Battle 2

battle 2

battle 2 win

Most of the enemies here are faster than me and strike first in battle before I can screenshot them, thus why the battle start images show my dergs already having damage. I’ve run back to the Main Menu to regenerate health between each battle so far because everyone here is really strong and almost kill me each battle.

Battle 3

battle 3

battle 3 win

Battle 4

battle 4

battle 4 win

Battle 5

battle 5

This is where I thought of fleeing and finishing today’s battles in Training Fields. I wanted to take the coward’s way out. Losing Pizzicato really scared me and I didn’t want to lose anyone else.

But I really wanted to prove I could do this challenge…so I stayed and fought.

battle 5 fail team wipe-out

I should’ve run to Training Fields. I should’ve.

b5 goodbye Malihini 1

b5 goodbye Malihini 2

b5 goodbye Malihini 3

Goodbye, Malihini. Can’t believe you died to a bird, of all things.

b5 goodbye Bola 1

b5 goodbye Bola 2

b5 goodbye Bola 3

Goodbye, Bola. May Safe’s heart heal from your loss.


b5 aftermath

Oh my Plaguebringer, my lair is so empty now. At least in a few days, Safe and Zone may be able to bring living hatchlings into the world.

I’d beg Winse not to be selected for tomorrow but…he and Lymph are the only ones left that can fight in the Coliseum unless I retract immunity from Safe or Zone. I don’t want to do that because then I’ll lose any chance of getting more hatchlings from my breeding pair.

What a bad day. I think I’ll put on Medium Mode rules, which let me go to a venue one level below the highest level derg in your party. That means I can go back to Training Fields and maybe live for a while. Yay!

I think this event deserves a written entry in the Story…


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