Day 14 part 1

Another day for Coliseum fighting. Thanks to Medium Mode rules, I will be staying in Training Fields today so that I don’t condemn my remaining two dragons to instant death. But before that…

1 - corner cash for expansion

I got plenty of treasure on me so why not…

2 - lair expansion

Expand the lair again?

3 - lair expanded

Now I can hold 30 dergs!

At this point, with so many losses, it might seem pointless to upgrade my lair size but you never know. I might hit a lucky streak and have a bunch of dergs survive! Better safe than sorry, in my opinion.

4 - scavenging

More boring scavenging. Really hope I come across another egg soon. Windsinger, please…

By the way, I’ve decided I suck at judging time in this game! Mistral Jamboree isn’t for another week, I’ve discovered. Festive Favors wasn’t open today and I found no holiday items while scavenging, so I was wrong on that account. Wow…

5 - apparel drop

Ooh! Free breeding opportunity!

Since Safe and Zone are my current breeding pair (and will be nesting in two days anyways), this item does not include them. But…the only female I have is Leth and she has under twenty days before she can breed. I might need to make an exemption regarding my candidates…or just hold onto this until I have a pair that can breed. Oh dear…

Thinking I might have Lymph and Leth use this and breed them in twenty-ish days. We’ll see.

omg Lymph don’t die today pls

6 - Lymph party

7 - Winse party

Speaking of Lymph, he and Winse are the only dergs that can go into the Coliseum thanks to the team wipeout murder-fest yesterday. So I am now employing Medium Mode to avoid wiping out completely right away.

so sad that Bola died *cries*

8 - Training Fields

So we’ll be going to Training Fields for today’s seafood drop, 30-40 battles. Hoping this ends better than yesterday’s battles did…especially with less death on my part.


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