Day 14 part 2

Okay, time for the Coliseum battles. Decided I will not screenshot every battle unless something significant happens or to showcase when I’ve hit the minimum/maximum amount of battles for that specific food drop.

Today’s battles come from this Pinkerton drop on Day 3:

2 - Pinkerton drop

That’s 30-40 battles. I’ve activated Medium Mode to avoid getting a total lair wipeout in Woodland Path, so I’m back in Training Fields until my lair is a bit more stable derg-wise.

1 - Lymph level 2 after battle 4

After the fourth battle, Lymph grew to Level 2.

2 - first Health Potion after battle 7

After the seventh battle, I started to get a very valuable item drop–Health Potions. I will needing these if I want to recover any health in battle. These will be jealously hoarded by me now.

3 - Lymph level 3 after battle 11

After the eleventh battle, Lymph grew to Level 3.

4 - Sparrowmice during battle 12

During the twelfth battle, I finally found the Sparrowmice set-up that I missed screencapturing back on Day 12 when I jumped into the Coliseum. Now here it is for you guy.

6 - Lymph level 4 after battle 25

5 - Coliseum achievement after battle 25

After the twenty-fifth battle, not only did Lymph manage to reach Level 4…but I apparently got an achievement. In three days, I’ve beaten 100 enemies in the Coliseum. Yay!

7 - battle 30 minimum

This was my thirtieth battle, the absolute minimum for this food drop. But I decided to forge ahead until 40, just to be safe. I’ll be back here in Training Fields according to Medium Mode any–

8 - Winse level 5 after battle 35

after battle thirty-five

…Well, I’m just ignoring that. Still coming to Training Fields tomorrow so I don’t lose all my dergs!9 - battle 40 maximum

There, got all forty battles done! Yes!11 - Lymph after

10 - Winse after

Here are my dergs after that battle. Lymph is Level 4 and Winse is Level 5.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings for us in Training Fields. *is a shameless wuss*


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