Day 15

So, tomorrow is when Safe and Zone can both finally have another nest. Holy, it’s been forever. One breeding cycle has passed already…

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging was done…

2 - seafood drop great

Oh, goody, gotta add 30-40 battles on top of Day 4’s meat drop. That’s 90 battles in Training Fields.

omg why??

3 - Leth be growing

Little Leth be growing up fast for a baby!

4 - coliseum party

Still only have Winse and Lymph together in the party. No third derg makes me sad. Hoping the next nest doesn’t all die like the first one did…

5 - Training Fields again

Back to Training Fields I go, as per Medium Mode rules! I’ll do the 30-40 battles that today’s seafood drop gave me.

Battle 40

after battle 40 seafood drop

This is the ending screenshot from battle 40. Nothing much happened during these fights.

Now onto the fights bestowed upon me by this meat drop back on Day 4:

3 - drop of fate

Back to Training Fields~!

Battle 3

after battle 3 meat drop Lymph level up 1

after battle 3 meat drop Lymph level up 2

Lymph be Level 5 now. Yay!

Battle 41

after battle 41 meat drop Winse level up 1

after battle 41 meat drop Winse level up 2

Winse grew to Level 6. Sweet!

Battle 50

after battle 50 meat drop

And there we go, 90 battles complete! That took a good hour and a half, maybe two hours. Geez!


Winse aftermath

Lymph aftermath

Good job, boys. Good job. Both of you leveled up. Still iffy about taking you into Woodland path…but I can’t avoid it forever…

Also, I apparently managed to collect two familiars in the Coliseum without me noticing! A Cockatrice from Woodland Path and an Amaranth Moth from Training Fields.

6 - Cockatrice familiar from coliseum

7 - Amaranth Moth from coliseum

So I stuck them on my progens to add to my daily cash flow. I think I’m doing well so far!

Weekly Report might be done late due to homework but we’ll see.


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