Day 16

Another eventful day in the Coliseum and FR in general. Yay!

1 - happy family achievement

I signed in today and got this achievement. Cool! Though I doubt the title. My lair is neither big nor very happy…

2 - nesting attempt two

The breeding cool-down is over, so Safe and Zone get to try again to have hatchlings! It’s three again…

3 - four more incubations

Hopefully in five days, we’ll have new additions to the lair. The coin flip better not kill them all again. *growl grumble hiss*

4 - seafood drop

More to add to my battle count today! 30-40 battles in addition to the 10-20 I have from this drop from pre-challenge Pinkerton:

2 - plant drop

Time to set up the party. I almost want to try Woodland Path again…but  don’t want to lose Lymph now that I want to breed him with Leth. I’ll go this last day in Training Fields and then I’ll go back to Woodland Path tomorrow, okay?

4 - coliseum party

5 - Training Fields again

I’ll start with the 30-40 battles that the seafood drop gave me today.

Battle 40

1 - after battle 40 seafood drop

That was easy…

Now onto the 10-20 battles that the plant food drop gave me.

2 - Woodland Path

Both of my dergs are over Level 4. Maybe they’ll stand a chance in Woodland Path. Let’s just test it and see how I do.

Battle 1

3 - need Battlestones before facing Woodland Path again, plant drop 1

Nope nope nopety nope! I absolutely need to go buy Battle Stones before I go into Woodland Path. Winse and Lymph nearly died against a Cockatrice and a Basilisk. Back to Training Fields, maybe we’ll try Woodland Path again tomorrow!

Battle 19

4 - Lymph level up, plant drop battle 19

6 - Lymph level 6

Lymph be level 6 now. Yay!

Battle 20

5 - after battle 20 plant drop

That was easy. Phew!


7 - Lymph battle stone 1

8 - Lymph battle stone 2

9 - Winse battle stone

Went and used all 5 of my gems to purchase some battle stones for my babies. Hopefully these will help me take down the enemies in Woodland Path and makes things easier overall for me.

Winse is a physical attacker and a wall against damage. Lymph mainly focuses on magical attacks and defense. Any battle stones that you see lit up in the Inventory box are being ignored because they don’t make use of the stats that I’m building up on these two.

I’m no expert in the art of team building in the FR Coliseum so experts may see major flaws in my method of doing this. My main goal is just to keep my dergs alive for as long as possible. Thus I’m stressing defense stats against both physical and magical attacks, boosting one type of offense (physical for Winse, magical for Lymph), and boosting health. Besides the ones that I’ve purchased today, all other battle stones and fragments in Inventory have been found via Gathering and in the Coliseum.

So that was what happened today. In five days, hopefully we’ll have more babies to play with. Tomorrow is the last day of pre-challenge drops, so I’ll be done with double duty after that. Yay!


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