Weekly Report 2

This was supposed to be done yesterday but my day was hectic and I barely got all the Coliseum battles done, so I put this off until today.

So, the challenge officially began this week on the 12th. My grown dergs went into the Coliseum and battled for their lives. I added in the food drops from before the challenge each day in addition to whatever drop Pinkerton currently gave them.

My first day in the Coliseum was coupled with a DEATH STREAK but I survived. Then the next day, my first tragedy struck. I wiped out in Woodland Path, losing three of my dergs.

b5 goodbye Bola 3

b5 goodbye Malihini 3

b1 goodbye Pizzicato 3

I wussed out after that and activated Medium Mode rules, allowing me to stay in Training Fields for a few more days to prevent against a total lair wipeout. That is where I have been since.

I got my second familiar drop from Pinkerton and got to add a new breed to my gene pool.

9 - Leth

I also got an apparel drop, allowing an extra breeding opportunity of my choice. I will likely choose to breed Lymph and Leth together. Both have under twenty days left before they can breed, so I’ll need to be careful with Lymph until then.

Today I have finally gotten to breed Safe and Zone again. Hopefully the plague doesn’t kill all the hatchlings again.

These are all the drops that are in my Vault so far. The only exceptions are the familiars attached to Lymph and Leth. Everything else is in the Vault.

1 - vault food

2 - vault materials

3 - vault apparel

4 - vault battle items

The list on the sidebar for all the food drops before the twelfth are almost done. Then I can stop worrying about doing over 50 battles a day…

5 - pinkerton drops pre-challenge

To finish off, here is how the lair currently looks. So few dergs…

6 - lair currently

And that’s really all for this week. I’m off to do the Coliseum battles for today. I’ll post the report on that ASAP.





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