Day 17

The final day of double duty in the Coliseum! Hooray! *celebrates*

1 - four days left

In four more days, we’ll hopefully have baby dergs. I’m really praying that the coin flip doesn’t kill them all this time.

2 - scavenging

More boring scavenging…

3 - insect drop

That’s 20-30 more battles to do in the Coliseum now. Thanks, Pinkerton, enjoy my torture while it lasts.

For now though, I’ll start with the 10-20 battles given to me by this drop, the final item that gave me double battle duty from pre-challenge days:

1 - plant food drop

Onto Training Fields!

Battle 20

5 - after battle 20 plant drop Training Fields

That was easy…

I’ve decided that, with my new battle stones, that I will attempt to take on Woodland Path today for the insect drop. Let’s go!

Battle 23

6 - after battle 23 Winse level up 1

7 - after battle 23 Winse level up 2

Ooh, I missed getting 100+ EXP per battle! Winse is now Level 7. Oh yeah!

Battle 30

8 - after battle 30 insect drop

It wasn’t overly easy to do. I was forced to flee to the Main Menu to regen health after most battles but I lived. I’ll likely be in Woodland Path from now on, going back to Training Fields when Leth grows up in a day or two.

Speaking of my dergs, let’s see how big they’re getting and such.

9 - Safe

10 - Zone

11 - Winse

12 - Lymph

13 - Leth

Well, that was all for today. Tomorrow will be regular single drops from now on. Thank Plaguebringer!


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