Day 18

Here we are again. Sorry for lateness, this’ll likely happen most Thursdays due to a club I go to.

2 - nest 3 days left

Three days left until the nest hatches. I’m seriously gonna kill something if coin flip kills them all. I really need more dergs…

3 - scavenging

Boring scavenging is boring. Sorry.

4 - material drop

Yay, I get to write more! No Coliseum for me today! Yay!

1 - Leth 5 days old

Tomorrow, Leth will grow up and join Winse and Lymph in the Coliseum. I’ve already purchased a few battle stones for her to attach the instant she hits Level 5.

5 - lair before Leth grows up

Last lair screenshot before Leth grows up.

Now off to write. It’ll probably be about Winse and Lymph overcoming the challenges of Woodland Path yesterday.


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