Day 19

2 - two more days

Two more days until I hopefully have babies~!

4 - scavenging

More boring scavenging. Wish I could find more eggs…

5 - trinket drop

Ooh, first trinket drop! That means art… Gonna have to fulfill that one later because I have no scanner right now, it’s at the dorm. I could try doing one purely digital but…I kinda suck at that… Yeah, gonna wait on this one, put it on the sidebar so I don’t forget.

EDIT: It’s done! Enjoy a late scribble of Winse!

3 - current lair

Well, here’s the lair. Nothing much has chang–wait, hold on!

1 - Leth grown up omg

OMG Leth baby, you look gorgeous!! *cries tears of joy* I love your genes!

You and Lymph will make gorgeous babies, I promise!!

6 - Leth in Coliseum party

I just…gotta keep you alive…when we next go into the Coliseum…

7 - profile comment

8 - comment response

First comment on my FR profile! *internal screams of awe*

Well, that’s all for today. Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting…



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