Day 21 part 1

It’s finally the day! The most exciting one by far! Trust me on that!

1 - Mistral Jamboree

The Mistral Jamboree, Wind flight’s holiday, starts today! All hail the Windsinger!

2 - holiday items during Gathering

Now when I gather and fight in the Coliseum, I’ll be able to find this month’s holiday currency to use in Festive Favors. This month’s holiday currency is the Messengers Scroll.

16 - Festive Favors shop

I can use holiday currency to purchase special items from Joxar at Festive Favors. All of these except for the flight emblem in the top left are unique to this year. I’ll be aiming to get enough currency to get all four of these!


gdi Pinkerton, really? Leth’s first day in the Coliseum and you give me a DEATH STREAK item? Guess it’s a good thing I was going back to Training Fields anyways. At least until she hits Level 5 and can use her battle stones, have a fighting chance in Woodland Path.

4 - nest ready to hatch

Here we are! Time to see what luck we have with Safe and Zone’s second nest.

5 - hatchlings

Awwww! No baby Mirrors this time. Oh well…

6 - Coronary Artery Disease - Cad

So here is Cad… Coronary Artery Disease. Sorry…

7 - Diabetes - Betes

Here’s Betes…from diabetes. I was going to call her Diab but I liked the sound of Betes better.

8 - tuberculosis - Losis

And this is Losis…from tuberculosis. Yeah, sorry.

9 - post-hatch lair

Now we get to see if any get to stay with us…or if they all die.

Coin flip pls don’t kill them all again pls pls pls

10 - bye Cad

Ouch! There goes Cad. Sorry, buddy…

11 - yay Betes stays

Yes! Betes gets to live! Thank you, coin flip!

12 - yay Losis stays

OMG yes! Losis gets to live too! I didn’t think I’d get two babies from this but I’m not complaining. Yes!!

13 - exalting Cad 1

14 - exalting Cad 2

Goodbye, Cad, baby. I’m sorry you died so young…

15 - post-exalt lair

I think things are looking up for us after the Day 13 massacre. We’ve got dergs managing to live. The plague spared two hatchlings.

Now to go and do the DEATH STREAK. Ugh…


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