Day 21 part 2


1 - Coliseum party

Time for Leth to finally join the fray after a long wait. Got a 3-derg party again. Yay!

2 - Training Fields

Going back to Training Fields because I’m guaranteed to lose Leth if I do this in Woodland Path. I’ll return to Woodland Path when Leth is Level 4 or 5 and has access to her battle stones. I want to give her the fighting chance that Pizzicato, Malihini, and Bola didn’t get back when I got them killed on Day 13.

Don’t like it? Deal with it.

Battle 1

battle 1

battle 1 win

Okay, wtf? Where’s my EXP at??

Battle 2

battle 2

battle 2 win

Okay, there’s some EXP. Don’t tell me the venues stop giving you EXP if your dergs are too high of level…

Battle 3

battle 3

battle 3 win

Not as much EXP as I’d like but it’s better than nothing.

Battle 4

battle 4

battle 4 win

Okay, so Bumbles and Stags don’t give me EXP anymore. wtf??

Battle 5

battle 5

battle 5 win

At least the moths still give me EXP.

Battle 6

battle 6

battle 6 win

So all the initially easy enemies don’t give me EXP anymore but all the initially hard enemies still do? Okay…

Battle 7

battle 7

battle 7 win

At this rate, Leth won’t even hit Level 2 today. Seriously?

Battle 8

battle 8

battle 8 win

Okay, this is ridiculous! Is this legit? Or some glitch? Either way, it’s screwing Leth out of proper EXP.

Battle 9

battle 9

battle 9 win

Yeah, Leth won’t even hit Level 2 today. So much bs here, so much, omg…

Battle 10

battle 10

battle 10 win

Yep, didn’t get to Level 2. Wow. Really?

I might have to go to Woodland Path from now on anyways just to get Leth some decent EXP. I have to risk her life just to give her a fighting chance…in the place that I wanted to prep her for the begin with! OMG, she’s gonna die. The Coliseum is forcing me to pretty much kill Leth!

I’m not kidding. Is this some kind of glitch? Or is the level cap on the venues actually screwing me out of EXP on purpose? I thought the levels were guidelines, not actual level caps. If that’s true, I’m gonna be screwed so hard because two of my dergs are 6-7 levels higher than the rest are currently.

I’m mad. Not even kidding. I’m so mad right now.


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