Day 22

The second day of the Mistral Jamboree is here! Yes!

1 - Betes growth

2 - Losis growth

The babies have grown over a meter since yesterday. Safe, what have you been feeding them??

3 - scavenging

More boring scavenging. All things found have been sold for cash that I will keep until I need to purchase something. Any new lair upgrades will be halted because I can’t even fill a page full of dergs. Once I fill a page, then I’ll start upgrading again.

4 - insect drop

That’s 20-30 battles, Pinkerton. Thanks!

1 - Training Fields

I know I said I’d go to Woodland Path today…but I’m a wuss. I don’t want Leth to die. May it was a one day glitch? I can hope…

Battle 1

2 - after battle 1

Battle 5

3 - Leth level up after battle 5

4 - Leth level 2 after battle 5

Yes! Leth finally levels up!

Battle 10

5 - Slayer achievement after battle 10

Over the course of 22 days, I’ve beaten over 500 enemies. Wow…

Battle 12

6 - Luna Mith has boobs, battle 12

I accidentally saved the battle screenshot as the wrong file type, so I had to go steal a preview pic from the Auction House for this enemy.

This is a Luna Mith. And I just realized something. It has boobs. wtf, FR, wtf?

Battle 30

7 - after battle 30


It’s not a one-day glitch. Any enemy that isn’t a Luna Mith, Dark-Tufted Sparrowmouse, or a pair of Webwings will give me zero EXP. That really sucks. I will very likely head into Woodland Path tomorrow or whenever my next food drop is in order to get more EXP.

I pray Leth doesn’t die. I really want to use that free breeding opportunity for her and Lymph. Their babies will look so cute, I just know it!

5 - Festive Favors

On another note, I almost have enough Messengers Scrolls to get a Windbound Mask from Festive Favors. Yay! So glad that the Coliseum drops holiday currency too. That really helps.


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