Weekly Report 3

So, a lot happened this week!

To start with, Zone and Safe finally had a nest again! And this time, two of the babies lived! The plague has been conquered for this clutch! Welcoming Betes and Losis to the family!

1 - Betes growth

2 - Losis growth

Leth also grew up. She now joins the Coliseum party, though she’s severely under-leveled and the Coliseum is screwing me in terms of EXP for her.

1 - Leth grown up omg

Winse and Lymph have been armed with battle stones and can now stand their own in Woodland Path. Winse is a physical fighter while Lymph primarily uses magic, both also carrying high defenses against physical and magical attacks. I’m planning to have Leth balance physical and magic attacks.

The days of doing double duty from food drops is now over! I will never need to do more than 50 battles in the Coliseum per day. Thank Plaguebringer!

Got my second DEATH STREAK yesterday…on Leth’s first day in the Coliseum party. We managed to live but only because it was Training Fields. Leveling Leth up takes forever. Will likely need to bite the bullet and dive into Woodland Path with her. I’m scared…

1 - Mistral Jamboree

Wind flight’s holiday, the Mistral Jamboree, started yesterday. I will be gathering holiday currency from both Scavenging and the Coliseum for four exclusive items in the Festive Favors shop. I’m really close to getting the most expensive one.

5 - Festive Favors

And that’s basically all that happened this week!



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