Day 23

Day number three of the Mistral Jamboree holiday week! Hope other FR players are having fun!

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging. At least I got a lot of Messengers Scrolls. Yay!

2 - apparel drop

Another apparel drop? Pinkerton, you’re being oddly generous…

Are you letting me have a bunch of babies just so you can crush my soul when the coin flip kills them all?

3 - current lair

Safe and Zone are guaranteed to breed again in 8 days. Lymph and Leth will use their apparel drop to breed in 10 days. That really only leaves Winse and Betes to breed in 13 days. Sorry, Losis, you get left out…

Might need to purchase a third nest to accommodate them all. We’ll see when those dates get closer.

4 - Festive Favors

Now to get my first prize from Festive Favors since I have enough holiday currency. Yay!

5 - Windbound Mask purchase 1

6 - Windbound Mask purchase 2

Now who to put it on??

7 - apparelled Zone

Looks a little odd at first but the mask markings match with your primary gene color. I think this one’s a keeper!

8 - lair

And, of course, apparel does show up in the lair screen. Zone looks a bit weird at first but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

So we have a breeding line-up coming in the next 8 days. First Safe and Zone for the third time, then Lymph and Leth in two days, then Winse and Betes in three days. Probably will purchase that third nest tomorrow just to ensure I get these three pairs bred and ready ASAP when their dates come.

So yeah, boring day. Oh well. Tomorrow will likely be more exciting.


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