Day 24

Day four of the Mistral Jamboree! Woot woot!

1 - Betes growth

2 - Losis growth

Babies are growing so big so fast! Yay!

3 - scavenging

More boring scavenging for common drops and holiday currency…

4 - another apparel drop wtf

Another apparel drop? Okay, Pinkerton, you’re scaring me a lot now. Why do you want me to have so many babies??

Guess this one will need to be Losis and any daughter that Lymph and Leth have that survives. If none, that I guess Leth may need to hook up with Losis for a nest. That won’t be for a while though.

5 - Festive Favors

So close to getting the emblem or the crown. Gaah!

6 - Training Fields familiar drop wow

7 - Betes and Ruby Webwing

I forgot that I got a Ruby Webwing from Training Fields yesterday until I looked through my hoard today. Put it on Betes because they’re both red. lol

8 - third nest

9 - new nest 2

10 - new nest 3

So, to accommodate all the incoming breeding-through-apparel nests, I’m allowing myself to purchase a third nest. I highly doubt I will have any reason to purchase a fourth nest.

That’s all for today. No Coliseum. Can’t wait until the nests start filling up in 7 days!


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