Day 25

Day five of the Mistral Jamboree is here!

1 - scavenging

More scavenging, though I got over 20 Messengers Scrolls. Yay!

2 - material drop

Material drop! I think we all know what I’m writing about today. *squees over babies*

3 - Festive Favors

Got enough Messengers Scrolls to get another item from Joxar at Festive Favors!

4 - crown purchase

5 - crown purchased

I’m getting the crown this time around. In all holiday weeks, there will be that flight’s emblem for sale for 40 holiday currency. That’s the only item in the holiday line-up that NEVER changes. So I’m getting both apparel items and the familiar FIRST. if I get the emblem before the week is over, cool. If not, it’ll be there next March or I can go purchase one in the Auction House.

Now who to give the crown to??

6 - Zone with crown weird

I thought it’d look good on Zone due to the wind under his wings that the mask makes, but it just looks weird to me. Then I remembered…

7 - Lymph with crown cool

Lymph is a Wind flight derg! The crown matches his eyes, so I’ll leave it on him for now.

8 - Betes growth

9 - Losis growth holy

The babies be growing up fast! Especially Losis, who seems on the fast track to catching up to his 17M daddy.

10 - lair

So yeah, nothing much today…again… Maybe tomorrow?

Off to write about the babies!


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