Flying Fish

“How are they flying? I thought they swam, uncle Rabi!”

Rabi smiled down at the 4.52M blood-colored Guardian beneath him. Tussis was already double the older Spiral’s size and he was only two days old. It amazed Rabi how quickly the young Guardian grew, much like his distant older siblings.

It certainly didn’t make Rabi uncomfortable about his own small size.


Not at all.


The three N’s. Rabi’s favorite words. All relating to comments about his size of just over 1M.

Tussis brought the Spiral back to reality with a swipe of his paw, a groan escaping when the colorful fish surrounding the Spiral zipped out of range.

Dozens of fish swam around the older dragon in one big colorful school, complete with shiny bubbles. How this was possible–let alone how they were not dying from lack of water–nobody quite knew. It was a gift from the Tidelord due to the monthly holiday, the Wavecrest Saturnalia, being in effect. Rabi wound up receiving all four gifts himself–a crown, a glowing Water emblem, the fish, and a watery familiar of his own.

Father had told him about the Mistral Jamboree, the last holiday that occurred for their clan. Rabi quickly spotted the gifts from the event–the crown on Father’s head, the emblem and mask that Zone wore, and the windy familiar that Winse had with him. All gifts from the Windsinger last month.

Tussis was instantly in love with the pretty little fish that swam through the air around Rabi’s twisting frame. The young Guardian pounced and swatted and laughed. Rabi shifted, the school moving with him in a colorful display of fins and scales and bubbles.

Everyone in the lair, for the most part, was intrigued by Rabi’s new companions. The fish helped distract his mother, who was slowly coming back from her shock. She had begun expressing a desire to have another nest, to give Rabi siblings to call his own. Father thought it was too soon but, if mother willed it, Rabi knew his father would cave for her.

Anything to make mother happy again.

Rabi’s job was essentially to serve as a distraction. He would distract everyone from the horrible plague that killed their nestlings. From Betes’ selfish behavior toward her child. From the fear that came when it was time to go into the wilderness to fight for food and treasure and strength.

From the fact that he was irreversibly in love with Chemi, his best friend.

The fish helped him distract, lull, cheer up. They helped him feel better too. He didn’t feel as weak or sick anymore. He even learned magic yesterday. He wasn’t as powerful as his mother yet…but he wanted to get there one day…

Until then, he’d distract, play, love. Just like he always did.


Day 54

3 - two more days

Two more days until they hatch~!

2 - Tussis growth

Tussis be getting big fast. Wow.

4 - scavenging

Still boring…

5 - Festive Favors

But it earned me the last of what I needed to get all the holiday exclusive items! Hand over that familiar, Joxar!

6 - Rabi with water familiar

And now Rabi has become a Water dragon in all but flight allegiance. lol

7 - material drop

Ooh! Got a cute idea for this one!

Also, look what is on the front page of Flight Rising:

1 - registration window

Time for another slew of n00bs to invade FR! So if you like what you see both here and on FR, sign up between May 4th and May 8th to join us derg lovers in our merry exploits! Hope to see you there, guys!

Day 53

1 - three more days

Three more days…

2 - scavenging

Still nothing overly exciting to find. Sorry.

3 - Festive Favors

Got lots of holiday items today so…

4 - Water derg ahoy

More for Water derg Rabi~!

was originally going to give crown to Leth but the color was too off on her

5 - seafood again

Again, Pinkerton?! gdi

Let’s see who the unfortunate souls are today…

6 - Rabi

AGAIN, Rabi?!

7 - Winse

Well, thanks, Winse! There went any hopes of going to Training Fields…

8 - Betes

Got the nesting parents today! Welcome aboard, Betes!

9 - party

Look at all the red dergs in my Available Dragons column. Good Plaguebringer…

10 - Woodland Path

Back to the hard grind again. Yay…

Battle 1

after battle 1 - level up

after battle 1 - Betes level 5

And Betes levels up instantly, getting her battle stones at long last I actually forgot she was one battle away from her battle stones…

Battle 5

after battle 5 - level up

after battle 5 - Rabi level 4

Today will be another Day of Level Ups, won’t it? lol

Battle 31

after battle 31 - level up

after battle 31 - Rabi level 5

And now Rabi gets his battle stones! Now both him and Betes can hold their own properly in Woodland Path.

Battle 36

after battle 36 - level up

after battle 36 - Betes level 6

Last level up for today, methinks.

Battle 40

after battle 40

Judging from amount of EXP left, I bet Winse will level up next time he’s selected for the Coliseum. Just watch…


Betes level 6

Rabi level 5

My dergs are all slowly getting their battle stones and progressing in the Coliseum. Yay!

Sorry this post was so late. I had everything but the Coliseum battles done earlier but, due to planned events with family, could not tackle the Coliseum until roughly midnight tonight. An hour and a half later, I’m writing this. Yeah…

But according to Flight Rising’s clock, two hours behind my own, this is still Day 53! So it still counts!


Day 52

Sorry for how late this post is. Today has been busy. Classes officially ended today. Now we have to deal with finals. Whee….

9 - Tussis growth

Look at how fast Tussis is growing~!

1 - four days left

Four more days until they hatch! Then in six days, both LethLymph and ChemiRabi will be able to have nests!

2 - scavenging

Still nothing exciting. Ugh…

3 - Festive Favors 1

Finally have enough holiday items to buy stuff~!

4 - Festive Favors 2

5 - Festive Favors 3

6 - Festive Favors 4

There, got the most expensive item for this holiday!

7 - fishy friends

Awwww! Rabi has friends!

11 - corner cash

You know what? I have so much darn treasure…

12 - lair expansion 1

13 - lair expansion 2

14 - lair expansion 3

Let’s get a lair expansion since we have the cash! Now we have the beginnings of three pages worth of lair space!

And with the rest of the treasure…

15 - holiday item splurge omg

16 - you be a Water derg Rabi

Let’s splurge on holiday items to get another apparel piece!

Rabi, you be a Water derg now~!

10 - seafood drop gdi

Speaking of water… That’s 40 battles, Pinkerton, gdi…

17 - Malar gdi

Oh no, Malar!!

18 - Leth

Okay, good, Leth will keep him safe…

19 - Rabi

…And Rabi decides to tail his mom today. Wonderful.

20 - Malar stats

21 - Rabi stats

Well, one piece of good news. Everyone is under Level 7, so…

22 - under Level 7 oh yeah

We can go back to Training Field and not get zero EXP. Hooray!!

Let’s go!!

Battle 1

battle 1 - look at those ridiculous spirals

after battle 1

Look how ridiculous my Spirals look in comparison to poor Malar! lol

Battle 5

after battle 5 - level ups

after battle 5 - Malar level 2

after battle 5 - Rabi level 2

Level ups for the babies! Yay!

Battle 20

after battle 20 - level ups

after battle 20 - Malar level 3

after battle 20 - Rabi level 3

Another set of level ups for the babies!

Battle 40

after battle 40

And there we stand for the day. Not bad for our first return trip to Training Fields in a while.


Malar level 3

Rabi level 3

The babies got some levels of their own at last and the mom-son duo survived the day. Congrats!

Lesson Learned


Safe could barely register Chemi’s voice. She was too busy staring at the scene before her.

A happy scene turned tragically wrong.

Thanks to the plague.

Her nest of three healthy-looking eggs had hatched just minutes ago. Three tiny forms spilled forth, complete with squirms and chirps. Safe had felt so happy when she nuzzled them each.

Then one went still. And another.

Only one remained squirming–a blood-colored male Guardian with gray wings.

His siblings–still, gone, DEAD. A crimson female Mirror with equally crimson wings. A female Guardian, identical to her brother except for her wings, the color of ice.

Zone rumbled forth with names for the deceased. The Mirror would be Cella. The Guardian, Rube.

Safe came up with the remaining name. The living hatchling would be Tussis.

Zone carried the limp bodies of Cella and Rube away, a swipe of his tail preventing Chemi and Tryp from following him. Safe curled around Tussis, fighting to keep him warm and feed him scraps of meat to nourish him.

Rabi had zipped away from the scene when he realized what had happened. He was privy to the details of the plague, which had stolen his siblings from him at birth. His father could not bear to keep it secret. It was necessary to tell, to properly explain his mother’s condition of shock.

Safe felt that again. Shock. She had not lost young in so long. It was horrifying to see it happen again.

“Mother! Mo~the~r!” Chemi whined, nudging her.

“Leave her alone, Chemi. Why don’t you go play outside?” Winse suggested.

“Come on,” Tryp muttered, shoving his sister away from the nest.

“But I don’t get it. Why did that happen?” Chemi asked.

A faint memory, deep inside, of two motionless forms struck her. She couldn’t recall who they were. Dragons she knew?

As Chemi and Tryp went outside with their older brother Losis, pulling a nervous Malar with them, the carmine dragon couldn’t help but glance back toward the nests.

He spotted the crimson form of his mother, hunched over her second nest, laid this morning. Three eggs, glistening green, floated in the hissing goo. Betes didn’t seem to register her mother’s plight. She just stared at her new nest with such burning determination. It made Malar shudder.

Then his view was lost in sunlight and sky.