Day 26

I didn’t notice what FR did at first to my dergs for April Fool’s Day. I was paying attention to Losis and Betes, who are both still hatchlings. The adult dragons got a cute new quirk to them today.

AFD - lair

AFD - Safe

AFD - Zone without apparel

AFD - Winse

AFD - Lymph

AFD - Leth omg so kawaii

It doesn’t effect hatchlings but all of my adults now have anime eyes. Leth’s are the best by far, in my opinion. Removed Zone’s mask so you could see his better.

1 - Betes growth

2 - Losis growth

Betes and Losis are both rapidly growing for their age. Geez, Losis, you’ll be as big as Winse soon enough.

Winse is already bigger than Zone omg

3 - scavenging

More boring scavenging. I didn’t find many Messengers Scrolls this time around. But I really want the rest of the holiday items. It’s day six already…


5 - Festive Favors

Since I had over 70k in treasure, I decided to binge purchase enough Messengers Scrolls in the Auction House to purchase the Wind Emblem and the familiar. Yes!

6 - Winse and Hurricane Herald

I gave the familiar to Winse because he’s the only older derg in my clan to not have one yet. Betes got one before him. Sorry, Losis, you’ll get one next…

7 - you're a wind derg Zone

I tossed the Wind flight emblem on Zone because he had the mask. And it looked weird on Lymph. Yeah…

4 - apparel drop okay wtf Pinkerton why

ANOTHER APPAREL DROP?!! Isn’t this, like, the third in a row??

I honestly have no pair match for this one. I’ll put it in the sidebar and select a pair later after we see which hatchlings from these incoming three nests survive.

Have a happy April Fool’s, everyone! Don’t get pranked too much!


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