Day 27

It’s the last day of the Mistral Jamboree. Awww…

1 - scavenging

More scavenging. Last day of getting Messengers Scrolls until next March.

5 - holiday items

I apparently collected some kind of color-changing mirror during the holiday. Is it because this is the last day? Wow…

Not sure if I’ll be dropping these in the Vault or not since I use that to keep track of Nuzlocke Pinkerton drops. Might just leave these in the Hoard. At least I can’t sell them. Yay!

6 - lair

I keep forgetting that rollover makes hatchlings grow up on Day 5 rather than Day 6 on Saturdays, so safe and Zone’s kids are adults a day early. lol

Losis, it’s frightening that you are literally identical to your dad…

3 - Betes grown up

4 - Losis grown up

Look at how grown up they are! *squee*

2 - material drop

Guess we get to write about how grown up the babies have become now!

It has been forever since I got a Coliseum food drop. Pinkerton, what are you planning. Gonna give me a DEATH STREAK item tomorrow or something??

omg pls no was just kidding pls

We’ve got four days until Safe and Zone have their next nest. We’ve got six days until Lymph and Leth can have their nest. We’ve got nine days until Winse and Betes can have their nest. We’ve got over nine days until Losis can have a nest with either Leth or one of Leth’s kids. Who knows how many days we have until that final apparel drop nest occurs.

So many babies incoming. How many will I need to watch die??


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