Day 28

The Mistral Jamboree is officially over now. Aaawwww…

1 - lair diet

I feed my dergs everyday first thing when I log on. I thought you might like to see their rough diet. I got no plant or seafood eaters currently, just meat and insect eaters.

2 - scavenging in Water flight

More boring scavenging. Switched my hunt location to Water flight because…

8 - elemental holiday info

The next flight holiday week, April’s holiday, celebrates the Water flight! So I’ll be hunting for goodies there until May. Maybe I’ll find a Water Egg there…

3 - we have dominance this week

Speaking of celebrating, Plague flight has dominance this week! Yes! And it’s primary dominance instead of secondary, unlike the first week I started!

4 - material drop

Okay, Pinkerton, I know I said I wanted Lymph and Leth to survive to have their nest so I could have cute babies…but this is ridiculous! I haven’t been in the Coliseum in nearly two weeks, I think!

Now I’m certain that he’s going to pile on food drops and DEATH STREAKs when this is through. help me

5 - chest drop apparel

Got a bunch of Rusted Chests today from bonding with my lair’s familiars. One of them had apparel in it! Yay!

6 - Lymph with Green Highnoon Hank

Lymph look so cute! *squee*

7 - lair

And that’s…all that happened today.

Wow, Pinkerton, you are making this boring. I shouldn’t be complaining, what with four nests on the way. Could still see more death than I’d like in the near future.

On second thought, Pinkerton, keep the non-food and non-battle-stone drops coming! I wanna live!!


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