Mirror Mirror

Leth looked over the strange mirror. Zone had found it while he was out scavenging yesterday and had dropped it in the hoard without looking at it. The teal-bellied Spiral was more curious. She dug it out and slunk away outside where she couldn’t be found. Then she looked it over.

Marva 1

It was a deep purple color, both plastic casing and glass. It refused to reflect her image, though. Leth was confused.

Maybe the glass was filthy. She’d go wash it.

There was no real water source in the Wandering Contagion. Most of it was filthy or some kind of bubbling green goo. So Leth flew to the edge of Plague territory and found a clear stream. She dipped the mirror in and gasped.

Marva 2

The shiny surface shone more brightly than it did before. It must be clean now, surely!

Leth lifted the mirror and dried it with a piece of linen she brought with her. She smiled, looking into it.

Ah! There she was! But…why did she look sad? Her reflection’s head was lowered, golden eyes glistening with tears. She looked so sad! Why?

The mirror was humming. It almost sounded like words…


Leth reared back and plunged the mirror into the stream. Since when could mirrors talk? She didn’t understand her own fright. It was as if the mirror had spoken to her directly.

She slowly lifted the mirror up and gasped again. It had changed color!

Marva 3

It was now a silvery-blue rather than a deep shade of violet. But how? Was it the water?


Leth jumped. It was talking again. No, humming…but with words… Did that make sense?


Her reflection seemed to have gotten sadder. It made Leth depressed. Maybe if she washed the mirror again, it would change again?

She dunked it under. The color changed once more.

Marva 4

It was now a vibrant gold color…but her reflection was still sad. Borderline miserable. Why?


Leth was shaking. All of these words were stabbing her in the heart. Was the mirror…saying these things…to her? Was it…insulting her?

Was it lying?

She dipped it again and watched the color change.

Marva 5

The casing became copper…but the glass became blue, reflecting robin’s egg in her face when she lifted it. It looked so pretty compared to the rest of the mirrors.


But her reflection was still the same. Worse even.


Leth came to a conclusion. These words weren’t random. They were copied, words she loved. Words Lymph had said about her.

And the mirror was twisting them.

Marva 6

The glass turned green with the next dunk. Leth considered breaking the mirror. She didn’t want to hear anymore.

She didn’t want to hear Lymph’s beautiful words twisted so cruelly against her.


Marva 7

It was pink now. Leth hated it. She decided to take it home and put it back in the chest.

Maybe this is why Zone had put it away. Had he played with it? Had it insulted him, like it was doing to her right now? Had it used Safe’s words against him? To hurt him?


Like it was hurting her?

If so…it was working…because it was right…

She wasn’t miraculous. She wasn’t outstanding. She wasn’t phenomenal. Or remarkable. Or terrific. She wasn’t even amazing.

She was just Leth. Boring Leth who was holding Winse and Lymph back from their jobs in the wilderness, all because she didn’t want to get hurt. Because she wanted Lymph to love her. Because she wanted a family.

Because she wanted to be happy.

Because she didn’t want to die.






Marva spiral daze Leth - Copy



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