Weekly Report 4

This week, aside from Mistral Jamboree, has not been particularly exciting. For one, no Coliseum drops at all this week. Scary…

Mistral Jamboree wrapped up this week. I managed to get all of the holiday items, though I had to go purchase a lot from the Auction House near the end to get the rest.

5 - Festive Favors

I also expanded my number of nests from two to three because of all the apparel drops Pinkerton has given me. I’m actually kind of scared that he’s setting me up to make me watch all of these babies die…

9 - new nest 2

Of course, April Fools occurred so the site had a few…aesthetic changes to our dergs. Go see Day 26 for that. lol

3 - Betes growth

4 - Losis growth

Betes and Losis grew up this week too! Losis is identical to daddy Zone but the apparel on Zone differentiates them in the lair.

3 - we have dominance this week

As of yesterday, Plague has dominance again now. Though it’s kind of useless for me if I don’t go into the coliseum since the only perk I use is Gathering currently.

Here’s everything in my Vault so far from Pinkerton, minus the familiars on Leth and Lymph. Everything else is in my Vault.

1 - food

2 - materials

3 - apparel

4 - battle items

5 - other

Overall, it’s been a rather boring week. In two days, we’ll have the first of five nests we’ll be hatching, four of which are from apparel drops. First Safe and Zone’s regular nest, then Lymph and Leth’s apparel nest, then Winse and Betes’ apparel nest, then Losis and someone’s apparel nest, and then an apparel nest of unknown pairing. Might do Leth and Lymph for that one. Should be fun.

Got the art done for the trinket drop. I just have to upload it, crop it, and post it here. Should get that done soon.

Now to go write for today!


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