Day 32

Over a month. Wow…

7 - four days left

Four days left until the first nest hatches!

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging still…

2 - insect drop

Ouch! More of the Coliseum! 20-30 battles this time… Let’s see who goes!

3 - Lymph

Oh, Lymph’s turn again!

4 - Losis

Uh oh, Losis goes again…

5 - Betes

And Betes too! Yikes

6 - Lymph Coliseum party

Lymph’s stats since it’s been so long. Off to Training Fields again!

Battle 1

after battle 1

Hey, is the glitch resolved? I’m getting regular EXP again…

Battle 15

after battle 15 - level ups

after battle 15 - Betes level 3

after battle 15 - Losis level up

Yes, Level 3! I’m slowly but surely regaining lost battle ground in the Coliseum! Yes! cheers

Battle 27

after battle 27 - Lymph level up

after battle 27 - Lymph level 7

Hooray for Lymph! He finally leveled up again! Yes!

Battle 30

after battle 30

I think I know what the EXP glitch thing is now. You get regular EXP in Training Fields until at least one of your dergs are Level 7, then most of the EXP is nonexistent. That really sucks. I’ll have to pray that Leth and the twins stay together now if I want any decent EXP from Training Fields now…


Lymph level 7

Now I have two Level 7 dergs–Winse and Lymph. Sweetness!

Betes Level 3

Losis Level 3

Well, these guys leveled up fast while it lasted with Lymph. Now, unless Leth goes with them, their leveling up will probably slow down drastically. gdi

Well, semi-exciting day! Leth and Lymph will have their nest tomorrow, so that’s cool to look forward to.


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