Day 33

Nothing much today…only excitement with nests! lol

9 - scavenging

Boring scavenging. Still nothing cool…

5 - familiar from yesterday wow

6 - Losis and familiar

I was going through my hoard, selling stuff, and found this guy. He must’ve dropped yesterday in the Coliseum. Now all of my dergs have familiars on them! Yay!

1 - three days till SafeZone babies

Three more days until the first nest hatches! Hoping at least one survives here…

2 - LethLymph nest

3 - LethLymph five days

And now Leth and Lymph finally breed! They’re my first pair from an apparel drop, listed on the sidebar. I can’t believe they both lived along enough to have babies!

Still thinking I may have them as fourth apparel drop couple after Losis…

8 - two nests of eggs yay

This means I now have *dun dun DUNUN* two nests at once!

7 - lair

And in three days, Winse and Betes will occupy the third nest. Sweetness!

4 - material drop

Ooh, yay! Material drop! I guess I’m writing again today. lol


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