Losis’ Trip

“Why does it have so many legs?”

Losis stared down in the puddle that his father was scavenging near.

…Okay, maybe puddle was the wrong word. Was it lake? Those were big, right? Or maybe it was ocean?

Losis could never match the words right to such places. They all looked the same to him. Why have so many different names for the same thing? It was a body of water. Just call it water!



“Why does it have so many legs?”

“What?” Zone looked up from the wet grass, staring at his son. “Why does what have so many legs?”

“This…thing!” Losis cried, pointing to the water.

“…Losis, I can’t see that far. I’m busy.” Zone dug through the marshy ground again. “Describe it for me.”


“What does it look like?” Zone explained patiently.

“Oh! Okay!” Losis nodded.

Several minutes passed before Losis spoke.

“It’s got a lot of legs! And it’s blue! And its eyes are all stuck out of its head!”

“…What?” Zone lifted his head, not sure he heard that right. “What kind of critter are you looking at?”

“I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking you!” Losis replied.

“What else does it have?”

“Um, um, um… Eight!”


“Eight legs! Hey, there’s something in the middle of the legs…”

Eight legs? What the heck has eight legs and lives in water? Can’t be a spider, right? Zone thought, confused.


Zone charged from the marsh and to the lake. Losis flung himself on shore, nursing his forepaw. Blood gushed from a deep gash atop his toes. Zone hunched over his child, glaring at the water, trying to find his child’s attacker.

“Where is it?”

“Right there!”

“I only see sand there, Losis!”

“It changed color! Look!”

Zone stared hard before finally noticing a shape in the sand. A squishy-looking sea creature with eight long legs and a bulbous head, large eyes bulging from the sides. Faint red swirled into nonexistence under its bulk.


“Am I going to die?” Losis held up his paw, displaying the bite. “It had a beak. Some kind of bird-spider thing…”

“It’s an octopus,” Zone corrected. “And you’ll be fine. Just don’t play with them. They bite hard and some are poisonous.”

“Okay, dad.”

“Why don’t you come dig in the mud with me?”



Zone regretted bringing Losis to Water territory with him that day. They both came home caked in mud. Safe was not amused.


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