Day 34

Two more days until Winse and Betes can have their nest! Woot woot!

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging…

2 - material drop

Another material drop, Pinkerton? I’m still really suspicious of you…

3 - SafeZone two days left

Two days left before these guys are hatched!

4 - LethLymph four days left

And four days before these three are hatched!

5 - battle item splurge omg

I had a lot of money (110,000 treasure roughly) and decided to get more battle stones for the babies. So I got some Vile Shots, Pestilence Slashes, Disease Fragments, and a Contaminate. I also grabbed some cheap Berserkers. The rest are stones I either bought previously or have found in the Coliseum and from scavenging.

I also went ahead and got a bunch of Minor Health Potions too…because I’ll be needing them soon, I suspect. So now I’m broke. lol


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