Day 35

Winse and Betes get their nest tomorrow! Yay!

1 - scavenging

More boring scavenging…

2 - SafeZone hatches tomorrow

Safe and Zone’s third clutch hatches tomorrow! Still praying they don’t both die.

3 - LethLymph hatches in three days

Three more days until Leth and Lymph’s first clutch hatches. We’ll finally get our first apparel hatchlings! Again, praying they don’t all die.

4 - meat drop

40-50 battles today. Thanks, Pinkerton.

Let’s see who goes today. Hoping it’s the three low levels (Leth, Betes, Losis)…

5 - Betes

Ooh! There’s Betes!

6 - Leth

And Leth too! Come on, Losis! Get picked!

7 - Lymph

…Or Lymph can get picked…

4-3-2 pattern lol

8 - Coliseum party

Well, here’s the party. And Leth’s stats since it’s been a while since we last saw her in battle. Still Level 2…

9 - Training Fields

And off to Training Fields…because Leth will die for sure in Woodland Path. I don’t want a repeat of the Day 13 massacre, thank you.

Battle 1

after battle 1

At least I’m getting EXP still. Not a bunch but it’s better than zero.

Battle 31

after battle 31 - level up

after battle 31 - Leth level 3

Leth finally levels up! Yes!

Battle 50

after battle 50

EXP gain dropped again once Leth leveled up. I’m only getting EXP from Luna Miths, Crimson Emperors, and if I have two Amaranth Months or two Webwings as opponents. Everyone else gives me zero EXP.

That sucks…


Level 3 Leth

Leth is finally catching up in levels! Two more and she can use those two Light battle stones I bought her back when she started in the Coliseum.

Egg hatches tomorrow, along with a third nest. Sweet!



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