Day 36

The first of the three nests hatch today! Yay!

1 - scavenging

Boring scavenging…again…

2 - apparel drop wtf

Pinkerton, wtf you be doing to me? Why you want me to have so many babies now?

pls don’t kill them all pls

3 - SafeZone ready to hatch

Time to hatch Safe and Zone’s third nest! Yay!

4 - SafeZone hatchlings

…Two near-identical babies?? Wow…

5 - Chemi - ischemic heart disease - CAD

First we have Chemi, named for ischemic heart disease…also known as CAD… Cad lives again! As a lady? lol

6 - Tryp - trypanosomiasis

And Tryp, named for African trypanosomiasis.

7 - lair pre-flip

And here’s the lair before I flip the coin to see who lives and dies! I hope they don’t die. At least let one live, Pinkerton, please…

8 - keep Chemi

Yes! I get to keep Chemi! That’s one…

9 - keep Tryp

Yay! I get to keep both of them! Sweet!

10 - LethLymph two more days

Two more days until we see who lives from Leth and Lymph’s clutch.

11 - WinseBetes nest

12 - WinseBetes five days left

And now Winse and Betes are on the nest! In five more days, we’ll get their hatchling and see if they live…

13 - apparel nests

Now we have our first two apparel nests in place! Sweet!

So that’s what happened today. At least we saw no dead babies. Yay!


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