Day 37

Guess who hatches tomorrow~!

5 - LethLymph one more day

These guys, these guys! Maximum of three new babes tomorrow. Hoping for them to live. Come on, Pinkerton, be kind to me…

6 - WinseBetes four days left

Four more days left until this little one hatches. Hoping it lives. Don’t make Betes lose her first kid, Pinkerton, please…

7 - scavenging

More boring scavenging… Come on, give me an unhatched egg sometime!

8 - material drop

Guess I’m writing again today. Yay!

I was going through the lair and noticed a size difference between my adult Guardians. Very funny.

1 - Betes size

Betes be the smallest adult Guardian. She’s bigger than Safe, Leth, and Lymph (and obvious her baby siblings but that’s obvious why).

3 - Zone size

Then we got daddy Zone as middle ground. lol

4 - Winse size

Then there’s Winse, who grew to tower over Zone rather quickly after he grew up.

2 - Losis size omg

But Losis! OMG, what have you been eating, baby? How’d you get so big so fast??



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