Weekly Report 5

This week was a bit more exciting. We got to do the nests in place and hatched Safe and Zone’s third nest, both hatchlings getting to live!

4 - SafeZone hatchlings

We got to go back into the Coliseum this week, gaining levels for Lymph, Leth, Betes, and Losis. The glitch seems to only effect any derg over Level 6, which is why I’m getting zero EXP as of late from most battles. Ugh…

We got another apparel drop today and currently have two apparel nests in the Nesting Ground.

13 - apparel nests

Beyond that, there was plenty of writing that can be found both at my FR forum and here under the Story category.

Here’s what’s in the vault from Pinkerton lately, minus the familiars on Lymph and Leth:

1 - food

2 - materials

3 - apparel

4 - battle items

5 - other

That’s the main gist of what happened this week. Kind of pressed for time, so sorry for lack of detail.


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